Thursday, April 08, 2010

July 2010 will mark our 5th year as friends-- over 1,000 items made by us for our communities, 187 Ravelry members, and probably thousands of cups of coffee consumed together! :D I’m so happy about the community and friendships we have made. Thanks to all of you for everything.

To celebrate, we’ve gone to restaurants in the past on a set Monday night in July, whatever we all vote on. This is always fun BUT it’s hard to talk to everyone in a restaurant-- it can be loud and difficult to move around!

With that in mind, several folks have come up with the suggestion to rent a meeting space in a local park for a potluck celebration. I think a place that has indoor & outdoor facilities is best for July. For example, Central Park (Plantation) has a really nice private room we could have for $45 per hour-- and I will put the security deposit down so there’s no worries on that end.

It’s way cheaper than a restaurant if everyone kicks in for the rental fee and can bring a dish to share. And there will be more opportunities for socializing than at a restaurant-- and knitting/crocheting, of course!

Please join in the discussion on our Ravelry group-- your opinion counts!

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