Thursday, July 05, 2007

Newest contributions. . .

You know you might be a Betty if. . . .
  • if you live in steamy south Florida, but knit a ton of hats.
  • You make sacrilegious jokes at an Italian restaurant.
  • you know what a 'Lazy Pope' is....LOL!
  • Monday night is a declared "Every man for himself" night where dinner's concerned.
  • your spouse doesn't even bother to make/accept plans on a Monday night - because he knows you won't be there.
  • you tell a stranger that you knit (or your partner tells a stranger that you knit), and the stranger replies: "oh, are you (is she) a BETTY?" (or, alternatively, "do you belong to that group that knits at the Roasted Bean?")
  • You drink green colored coffee drinks!

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Anonymous said...

I am writing a story about executive types with interesting hobbies for a South Florida lifestyle magazine.

If you're a professional, entrepreneur or corporate executive living in Broward, Palm Beach or Miami-Dade Counties, I'd be interested in interviewing you.

And, if you know any men that knit or crochet, I would really like to speak to them, too.

My deadline is July 23.

If interested, email