Monday, April 30, 2007

Betties 4/30/06

Betties 4/30/06
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There were so many of us tonight, we had satellite tables of knitters nearby!


heyfatlulu said...

I mean, Yay! Lots of people, and great photos!
Poop, I couldn't be there. I knit at home, though, and will bring hats next time I come to knit night.

Reyn Lee said...

Hello Ladies,
I'm Reyn Lee and I must say, I like your abilities.

Roberta K. said...

Hi--I found your blog linked to KIP day events. I would like to know if you are open to new members? I live in Margate and my name is Roberta. I have been looking for a knitting group for a while now, but I guess, in all the wrong places. So--where and when do you meet and can I join you?